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Game Editing

This section is organised by category. If an editor supports more than one type of editing (such as level editing and graphics editing) it will be listed under both sections.

The tools in this section apply to Keen Dreams or other Keen-related programs (not Keens 1-6, which have their own sections.)

DOS Emulators

Level Editors

Graphics Editors

Sound Editors

Music Editors

As there is no music in Keen Dreams, there are no music editors. Since the music was removed from Keen Dreams at the last minute, it may be possible to add music back in again, but as yet nobody has tried.

Story / Game Text Editors

  • TODO

Other editors and editing tools

  • KDRPatch (a CKPatch-based patching tool)

Game Information

  • For details on the file formats used by the games, see the Commander Keen Dreams section on the ModdingWiki.
  • There is a list of patches that can be incorporated into mods to change the game's behaviour.

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