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Here are some of the better Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior maps I've made.

The screenshots next to the map should give you an idea of what the map is like. All the maps come with a description file, so please keep it intact if you redistribute any of the maps.

Adam's House

dukemaps-adhouse1.png dukemaps-adhouse2.png
dukemaps-adhouse3.png dukemaps-adhouse4.png
dukemaps-adhouse5.png dukemaps-adhouse6.png
  • Platform: Duke Nukem 3D (Atomic Editon)
  • Version: Release 2
  • Development Time: 6 months on/off

This map was the first real DukeMap I made (apart from all the test maps.) This one is based on my house in real life. There are a couple of bugs in it, but nothing critical, although there is one major design fault - it's big. In real life, the door knobs are at my waist, not above my head...

Sherwyn's House

dukemaps-shouse1.png dukemaps-shouse2.png
dukemaps-shouse4.png dukemaps-shouse5.png
  • Platform: Duke Nukem 3D (Atomic Editon)
  • Version: Release 1
  • Development Time: 6 months on/off

This is a map a friend of mine made in competition with my own house map. Not surprisingly this is a map of his house :-) I think the competition between us explains why both our houses ended up looking like castle fortresses.

My Test Map

dukemaps-cool1.png dukemaps-cool2.png
  • Platform: Duke Nukem 3D
  • Version: Release 1
  • Development Time: 4 months on/off

This map was the first big map I made. It's not really meant for playing, it's just that when I wanted to test something I would put it in this map and if it worked, left it there. Note the "secret" automatically opening doors. There are heaps of bugs in this map, but all of them visual and not critical. I only know of one other group of map designers who have come across the error of parallaxed ceilings on subways. If you parallax a subway's ceiling, it drives around in circles shooting RPGs...


dukemaps-stadium1.png dukemaps-stadium2.png
  • Platform: Shadow Warrior
  • Version: Release 1
  • Development Time: About 10 mins

I always thought that Duke's Stadium was a great level, so I decided to convert it into Shadow Warrior. I originally decided to write DUKE2SW to convert my house map into a Shadow Warrior map, but I never really finished it. It only converts the tiles now, and so I used it to convert all the tiles to Shadow Warrior. Then I changed the blimp and the elevator at the start to SW, and here it is!

The Better Lo Wang Rally

dukemaps-coolrush1.png dukemaps-coolrush2.png
dukemaps-coolrush3.png dukemaps-coolrush4.png
  • Platform: Shadow Warrior
  • Version: Release 1
  • Development Time: 2 hours

This level is basically Lo Wang Rally, with a couple of extra secrets in it. You can now access most of the other areas that you couldn't before (such as on top of the buildings). Anyway, this was just to "improve" the map a bit ;-)

Look out for the hidden slope!

Capture the Flag - Woods

dukemaps-ctf w1.png dukemaps-ctf w2.png
dukemaps-ctf w3.png dukemaps-ctf w4.png
dukemaps-ctf w5.png dukemaps-ctf w6.png
  • Platform: Shadow Warrior
  • Version: Release 3
  • Development Time: 10 hours

I was originally going to do more than one CTF level, i.e. Woods, City, Space, etc, but I never got around to it. It has four bases (blue, red, green and yellow), giving the possibility of up to four teams. Each base has a "secret" way of defending it's flag, although some secrets aren't as good as others (this is supposed to be used as a handicap). It's a fairly simple map, although pretty fun to play. It is my personal favourite out of all my maps ;-)