Camoto Online

Camoto Online is a collection of integrated utilities for editing (modding) "classic DOS games", those running under MS-DOS on the PC from the early to mid 1990s.

A complete rewrite of the earlier Camoto Desktop, this version is capable of running in a web browser so requires no installation - try it now!

Current Status

As of October 2021, there is still plenty of work to do! The web interface is capable of editing graphics for supported games (really only Dangerous Dave at this point) but it can't do much else.

The focus is now on the level editor and the music UI as, after so many years of talking about it, I have yet to finish a DRO/IMF to MIDI converter that can convert the instruments in real time while the song is playing.


Contributions are most welcome from any Javascript programmers who are interested in adding support for more games.