Commander Keen 4.5: Parallel World

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Commander Keen 4.5: Parallel World
Parallel World title screen.png
Commander Keen 4.5- Parallel World.png
StatusIn development
Release dateStill in development
Secret levelsUnknown

Commander Keen 4.5: Parallel World is a fangame by Andy. First engine was presented in may 2010. There was one demo level without B-W-B. Keen has got recolored clothes. At the moment, there are pogo, gems, three types of monsters. Graphic is ripped from game, but it will be changed. On 6th December 2010, author said that the engine must be rewritten.


When Keen departed the Shadowlands and he was going to Omegamatic, his space ship crashed and he has to land in Parallel World, we have to find parts of ship and repair one.


We will be able to change very much in game. We will be able to making new maps with very simple level editor (without half-graphics) and new graphics or (probably) story.