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Appears inKeen 6, Keen GBC
Harms Keen?Yes
Shots to defeat3 (6) / 1 (GBC)
A Blooguard that has just stunned Keen

The Blooguards are an elite group of Bloogs that are equipped with the most advanced Bloog weaponry (large clubs) and are positioned in places of high security, where they guard anything of interest to the Bloog race. Although their primary duty is to guard the many travelling paths that snake across Fribbulus Xax, the Blooguards have recently been called on to guard other buildings and installations.

Blooguards undergo a rigorous training regimen which ensures they are exceedingly difficult to defeat. (They are hit on the head by other Bloogs for ten weeks straight.)

Appearance in Keen GBC


Blooguards also appear in Keen GBC, where they are similar to, though smaller than, their Keen 6 counterparts. They can no longer stun you by hitting the ground, but need to be both shot and pogoed to be defeated. They are described in the Keen GBC manual as follows:

These burly Bloogs have big clubs to bonk their enemies. Avoid these creeps at all costs!

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