XMMS Plugins

This page lists the XMMS plugins I've written over the years.


xmms-adlib is an OPL synthesiser for XMMS and Audacious. Its purpose is identical to Adplug, only this plugin doesn't support as many formats. The formats it does support however are played very accurately, and hopefully sound a lot better than Adplug. The synth also plays sounds in stereo with a nice harmonic sound effect, which I think sounds *really* nice. It cooperates well with Adplug if both are installed, "stealing" all supported formats for itself, and allowing Adplug to play everything else. It currently supports CMF, IMF, DRO and RAW formats.

xmms-adlib-1.1.tar.bz2 (source only, 82 kB)
audacious-adlib-1.2A.tar.bz2 (source only, 88 kB) [NEW]
cavebash.ogg (example synthesis to demonstrate the stereo harmonic effect, 2.3MB)

[NEW - Sep 2008] Version 1.2 fixes a major instability issue that caused frequent Audacious crashes, plus a couple of minor deadlock issues. This version also (finally) allows seeking through CMF files, and will play v1.0 CMFs now too.


xmms-hotkey is a simple plugin that allows most XMMS functions to be controlled by keyboard shortcuts. Notable features include using X11 keysyms directly (so the key doesn't have to have a key name assigned to it, which many obscure keys don't), and it will work across multiple X11 screens - great for non-Xinerama multimonitor setups. In my usual tradition with these plugins there is no GUI, but plenty of info and examples about how to associate which action with which hotkey.

xmms-hotkey-0.0.2.tar.bz2 (source only, 12 kB)


xmms-timidity is another simple plugin that handles .mid files by running the locally installed copy of Timidity, and piping the output back to XMMS. It was written many years ago when I could only find one MIDI plugin for XMMS, which used a built-in (and very old) version of Timidity. Nowadays ALSA exists and can route MIDI data through Timidity (or even use hardware accelerated MIDI on some soundcards) so this plugin may no longer be necessary. Nevertheless, it may prove useful for someone one day...and I still use it regularly :-)

xmms-timidity-0.0.3.tar.bz2 (source only, 47 kB)