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Use Camoto instead
Vinyl2CMF has been superseded by Camoto, which can convert between VGFM, CMF and many other formats by using the gamemus utility.

Vinyl2CMF converts the Vinyl Goddess From Mars music into Creative Music File (CMF) format.

Note that a nonstandard CMF player is required to correctly reproduce the instruments. Currently only my own CMF player for XMMS and AdPlug 2.2 or newer are able to play the files correctly. (Update 2014-11-22: Camoto will also play the CMF files correctly, but it can also play the Vinyl music directly.)

You'll also need a program to extract all the files from GODDESS.LBR so you can convert them. Frenkel's Vgfmext works well. (Update 2014-11-22: Camoto's gamearch utility as well as the Studio can also extract the files.)

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