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This is a program I wrote to manage my electronic filing system (which consists of a bunch of scanned PDF files sorted into folders.) It is written in Python and uses the Poppler library for displaying PDF files.

I like this simple approach as it makes it easy to access the files remotely via SSH or a web browser. The only drawback is that naming and moving the files into the correct folder can get a bit tedious from the command line. This program makes it easy to preview files, rename them, and move them into the appropriate folder.

It's worth pointing out that this is a quick and dirty utility to serve my own needs, so unless your needs are almost identical to mine you'll probably find this program has a number of shortcomings :-) But if nothing else it might serve as an example for other Python programmers wanting to use Poppler! This means you'll need both Python and python-poppler installed to use it.

  • efilemgr.py (Python source, 17 kB) - released 2009-09-12


  • Two file lists so you can rename the source file while checking the naming convention in the destination folder
  • PDF files can be renamed while you're viewing them (no Windows-style file-in-use errors)


(which I might fix one day if they annoy me enough)

  • Can't drag files into the other file list
  • Can't drag folders around or create new ones
  • Renaming conflicts with drag and drop, you have to drag from the left of the icon which is annoying

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