New layout

Well, I finally decided it was time to put a proper site up here, so I hope it makes it easier to find everything hosted here!


I want submit some

I want submit some information to wiki, but don't want to create account.

Compression for EPF:
it's just LZW with dynamic bit length - from 9 till 12.

I'm not sure if it like this one:
but you can give a try.


Thanks for the info, I've added it to the page. You can also mail for this.

EDIT: Any chance you can e-mail me to discuss this? I seem to get better results with a dynamic codeword length of 9 to 14 bits rather than 9 to 12, but this still only decompresses half of the file :-(

I send email again after you

I send email again after you add me to whitelist.

I send you letter from

I send you letter from * - hope you get it.