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I am an Amateur Radio Operator KC7BYP. I am a retired radio and tv tech. I hold an AA degree in electronics, 2 way radio, tv, vcr and computer repair. I have worked in many a tv, 2 way radio and office machine repair shops around Los Angeles California over the years. I had to retire in 1992 from fixing electronics because of micro tremors in my hands. I couldn't hold the soldering iron still anymore and was messing up to many printed circuit boards I am trying my hand at game programing. I have had some computer programing classes around 1993. I already know how to use many game editors for MSDOS games running on DosBox for Windows. And game editors for some Windows games. I am fairly good at diagnosing Windows 7 home 32bit (my operating system). I have fixed Windows based laptops and desktops. As in I got a bunch at a gov auction and got most working again. I love playing the some of the old MSDOS games. I have done some game level modifications to Duke Nukem 1,2,3, Duke Nukem II and Wolfenstein 3D that I can share.