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Hi, together with a friend (srtuss) we have reversed everything from Hi-Octane, made tools for modding, a level editor in 3D and other stuff. I have postet some screenshots on twitter ( I'd like to put all details on the wiki here and will post all source codes for our tools on github later. I've also been in contact with the original game developers, Sean Cooper who built the engine and Alex Trowers who made the level editor for the original game and and got some insight. Btw: Hi-Octane is not based on the MagicCarpet2 engine but is a mix of MagicCarpet and Syndicate. It was made in 6.5 weeks.

Please accept my request so I can add information about Hi-Octane to the wiki.

Currently, for the weekend I wanted to make a pure fragment shader version of Skyroads on All I need is the roads data. I've tried to implement the LZS decoder the other night but still having trouble with it. I'm sure you have it in a other language than matlab. Could you send me working code for the lzs compression? For this small project I'm only interested in roads.lzs and I've already got the level data but the compressed roads array is missing.

Thanks! If you add me in skype (filip_sound) I can send you a demo of the Hi-Octane Level Editor.

greetings from Austria, movAX13h