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I am working on a VR recreation of Wolfenstein 3D for the Oculus Quest in the Godot-Mono engine. My source code is here:

I'm here on the Shikadi modding wiki to get information about the old file formats.

Biography must be 50 words long? OK uh ... I remember the first time I saw (heard, LOL) the Sound Blaster in action. I was six years old. It was at the computer store called "EggHead Software" in Independence, MO in 1992. The computers there were showing the brand new childrens game "Putt Putt Joins the Parade"

I already thought of myself as too old for Putt Putt even then, but I was fascinated because "IT TALKS! The computer talks just like TV!"

Might have been 1993 and seven years old. Somewhere around there.