The Settlers II

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The Settlers II
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The Settlers II is a game made by German BlueByte GmbH and it was released in 1996. Mission CD with a map editor was released a few months later and finally a more complete Gold Edition in 1997.

Versions of the game

There are a few versions of the game available out in the wild in various European languages. Most easily you can find English and German versions.

Version Language Type Description
v0.15 German Beta Die Siedler II: Erste demo (first demo)
v0.16 German Beta Die Siedler II: Erste demo (first demo)
v1.01 English Demo The Settler II: Veni Vidi Vici, demo including intro video (50 MiB)
v1.02 English Demo The Settlers II: Veni Vici Vici, demo without intro video (3.5 MiB)
v1.02 English CD release The Settlers II: Veni Vidi Vici
v1.51 English Demo The Settlers II: Mission CD
v1.51 English Demo The Settlers II: Gold Edition (has less files than Mission CD; has some files that do not exist in Mission CD)
v1.51 English & German Update The Settlers II: Veni Vidi Vici / Die Siedler II: Veni Vidi Vici update to v1.51; no map editor
v1.51 German Update Die Siedler II: Mission Disk; full version of map editor included

Oddly enough there are no demo versions available in German language, they appear to be released in English only. In the other hand the early betas (or "first demos") are only available in German.

Biggest difference between versions can be found in the map file format: before v1.51 the map data files are divided to multiple files, while in v1.51 a new map file format was introduced to make sharing of map editor files easier.

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.
Filename Format Details
*.wld or *.swd WLD/SWD Format Map file / level
*.lst Settlers II archive Palette, sprites, icons, fonts, sound
*.dat + *.idx (+ *.fnt) Settlers II archive Sprites, icons, fonts
*.bob Settlers II sprites Carriers and jobs; all moving characters of the game
*.rtx Settlers II mission script Background music
*.eng or *.ger Settlers II text Ingame strings
MASKS/MASKS000.DAT Custom Very small file
*.rtx Settlers II mission script Sets players, resources, available houses, scripting, story progression
SNG_00##.DAT IFF XMidi Background music
CONTI###.DAT Settlers II area index table Index for areas (land and water)
WORLD###.DAT Settlers II map data Container for 14 blocks of various map data
GOU#.DAT or GOURAUD#.DAT Custom Color brightness map for gouraud shading (256 x 256 UInt8 table)
*.bbm LBM Format (compressed PBM) Terrain palettes
*.lbm LBM Format (compressed PBM) Full screen graphics or textures
DIR.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
MISSION.DAT Text file 1 for available mission, 0 for unavailable mission
RES.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
CNTRL###.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
COMPY###.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
DESKT###.DAT Custom Savegame, unknown
MAILS###.DAT Custom Savegame sent mail data
TRANS###.DAT Custom Savegame transportation data

External links

  • Settlers contains a lot of information, downloads and tools for the game.
  • Return to the Roots is an open source remake with internet multiplayer and new features.