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Cutscene Infobox
Format typeCutscene
Maximum lengthUnknown

This template is used to display an information box containing details about a cutscene, full-screen animation, or similar format. Smaller animations are typically considered as tilesets, with each frame being a separate tile.

Valid parameters and examples are:

Parameter/example Purpose Valid values
Hardware1 = Value Hardware intended to be used to display the tiles in this tileset One of:
  • CGA
  • EGA
  • VGA
(add new types to this page as required)
Resolution = 320×200 Playback resolution Width and height, in pixels. Use × instead of the letter "x".
MaxLength = Value Maximum recording/playback length
  • 2 min 10 sec
  • 256 keystrokes
  • Until end of level
Games = {{Game|GameName}} {{Game|GameName}} Name of all games that use this format Any wiki page name, as a parameter to the Game template

Default values are shown if the parameter is omitted, so do not use any parameters unless the value is known (most of the defaults say "unknown")