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I think the name Hovertank 3-D should not be used for this game. The title screen only says "Hovertank" and even MobyGames lists the game by that name. The game disks found on MobyGames say "Hovertank One" (that's the name Tom Hall and John Romero use in the "Games" section of their homepages). When you think about it, id Software only used "3-D" in the title screens of two games: Catacomb 3-D and Wolfenstein 3-D. Both of these games are basically 3D remakes of older game franchises, so you can see that the "3-D" in the title simply indicates a 3D version of the games. Other 3D games such as Spear of Destiny and Doom didn't have a "3-D" in the title so why should Hovertank have it? --K1n9 Duk3 11:29, 23 December 2011 (GMT)

I did look long and hard at this, and in the end decided to use the name given in the text files accompanying the game. Even the menu option says "Play Hovertank 3-D" - but it's a tricky one - the title screen says Hovertank, the help says HoverTank, the docs say Hovertank 3D and Hovertank 3-D, and until your message I hadn't heard of it called Hovertank One but there you go. I'm going to assume the title screen and help were just using abbreviations for simplicity, and the full name is that given in the text files. But I'll gladly rename it if you can find something definitive :-) -- Malvineous 14:20, 23 December 2011 (GMT)