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It is possible the 1x1 sprites have one of two purposes; either they separate the sprites into 'chunks' for a reason I've never been able to determine (This method is used with 8x8 'unused' sprites in Shadow Knights and Dangerous Dave 2) or they are unused 'slots' that are kept empty in case the developers wanted to fill them later with sprites. (This would be supported if all the sprites for an enemy or object were all in one spot in the file, say sprites 124-132 were enemy 3 and no other sprites in the file were used by it. Such things appear in a lot of games.)

The two unknown words could be something to do with hitbox or maybe sprite image offset, I'd have to check.

Do you have a program to extract the sprite images and/or the palette you use? I can try to reverse engineer the format myself and see. (Remember, the palette may be in forms, 256*3 words of value 0-255 (RGB values), 256*4 bytes of value 0-255, 256 words of value 0-63 or 256 bytes of values 0-63. All four formats have been used by ID games.)

Palettes may also be altered in two ways; by having multiple palettes (Common with VGA games) or by having one 'base' palette and swapping around the colors (Common in EGA games, where the 16 unalterable EGA colors are swapped around, e.g. when the screen fades in\out of black.) -Endian? What are you on about? 04:21, 26 November 2010 (GMT)