Super ZZT Graphics Format

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A special format is used internally by Super ZZT to draw the title screen and ending screen graphics. The format assumes a 80x25 display window.


There is no header information for this format. It is read as a stream of bytes until the Y-position goes off the bottom (row 25).

Value Description
00-0F Set the foreground color of following output to this value.
10-17 Set the background color of following output to the lower 4 bits of this value.
18 Go to the beginning of the following text line.
19 Read one more byte n, and output a space character n+1 times.
1A Read two more bytes n and char, and output char for n+1 times.
1B-1F Undefined?
20-FF Output this character exactly.


These graphics cannot be found or used outside the game executable. They are referenced directly by the code and compiled into the game engine itself.