Patch:Bio Menace/Dr. Mangle (Controlled monster)

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This page intends to cover patches dealing with Dr. Mangle, as appearing on the end of episode 1 (controlling a monster).

Currently, there's only one kind of a patch given here.

Dr. Mangle dying like Skull Man and spawning an item

Patch: Bio Menace 1, freeware release (v1.1)
#Taking advantage of existing code used for Skull Man's death,
#Sets Dr. Mangle's controlled monster to die like Skull Man,
#not leaving Mangle's corpse behind and spawning an item.
%patch $D93B $B8 %patch $D93C $4B $00
#Item to spawn (004Bh for nuclear bomb)
%patch $D93E $EB $1D