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Noah's Ark 3D
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This is the PC version of the game Super 3D Noah's Ark by Wisdom Tree Games. It uses a modified (licensed) version of the Wolfenstein 3-D engine, with added support for textured floors and ceilings. Super 3D Noah's Ark's homepage is at, where it is still for sale.

File formats

This section lists the major file formats used in the game.

  • AudioT Format - sounds and music are stored in the AUDIO*.N3D files
  • WLF Format - identical to the IMF Format only with a faster tempo. (720 vs 560)
  • GameMaps Format - used for storing level maps in the files GAMEMAPS.N3D and MAPHEAD.N3D
  • B800 Text - there are a couple of text screens in the main .EXE file (including the text displayed on the screen when you quit)


These tools can be used to edit this game.

  • TED5 - the editor used by id Software to create the original levels

Further information

The source code of Wolfenstein 3-D was released by id Software on July 21, 1995. It can be downloaded from id Software's FTP server.