M Format

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M Format
Format typeMusic
Notation typeOPL
Max channel countUnknown
Max track countUnknown
Max pattern countUnknown
Max order countUnknown

The M music format was created by Origin Software and used in at least three of their games. It stores audio data that is sent, via drivers, to various devices like AdLib, MT-32, Game Blaster, the Tandy speaker, and a couple others.

File format

The format is compressed using an LZW algorithm.

You can decompress the files using U6Decompress by Glanestel Dragon (include source).


This format has been used in the following games:

Although the Worlds of Ultima games use the Ultima 6 engine, they do not use this audio format.

Play this file format

  • Winamp or foobar2000] with AdPlug can play the M files of Times of Lore and Ultima 6 for DOS, though it can only play the AdLib version of the file.
  • The AdPlug library includes the command-line AdPlay utility