King Arthur's K.O.R.T.

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King Arthur's K.O.R.T.
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King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, also known as King Arthur's K.O.R.T. (probably as pun on "court"), also released as 'Deluxe' version, is a game developed by MVP Software in 1994, which is very similar in concept to Defender of the Crown.

The people of the OldGamesItalia forum confirmed with the creators that the game was released as freeware[1].

File formats

The following file formats are used by this game.
Filename Format Details
*.000 to *.017 KORT Image Format Image
*.bmp KORT BMP Format Animations / Sprites
*.fnt KORT Font Font
*.snd KORT Sound Format Sound
*.sav KORT Savegame Format Savegame format

Besides those, there are also mouse cursors to be found in the game's executable.

Research credits

  • The image and savegame files in this game have been researched by David Eriksson, aka 'Σdison of 2GooD', who released the information in a document included in his KORT savegame editor.
  • Research into the font was done by Nyerguds for the OldGamesItalia translation project.
  • TheRuler and Nyerguds from the OldGamesItalia translation project mapped the format of the BMP sprites format.


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