Hovertank 3-D

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Hovertank 3-D
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Hovertank 3-D is one of the first FPS games and the direct ancestor of most FPS games. It has EGA graphics with no textures, but with scaled sprites. Like the later Wolfenstein 3-D, this game includes different brightnesses of the same tile when viewed from the N/S or E/W.

It was followed by Catacomb 3-D, which added textures.

File formats

File name Description
levelXX.hov Game levels in Commander Keen 1-3 Level format. They use RLEW compression with the tag $FEFE.
sounds.hov PC speaker sounds in Inverse Frequency Sound format
dsound.hov Digitised sounds (see below)

Digitised sounds

dsound.hov begins with the following structure repeated once for each sound in the file.

Data type Name Description
UINT32LE offset Offset of sound data from start of file
UINT32LE length Length of sound data in bytes
UINT32LE samplerate? Possibly the sample rate of the sound
UINT16LE flags See Inverse Frequency Sound format

The sound data immediately follows. The offset of the first file can be used to discover the number of sounds in the file (either by reading the header up until this point, or dividing the first file's offset by 14.)

Source code

The source code of this game was released by Flat Rock Software on June 4, 2014. It can be downloaded from GitHub.