Dynamix Font Format v1

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Dynamix Font Format v1
Dynamix Font Format v1.png
Format typeTileset
Max tile count64
Tile names?No
Minimum tile size (pixels)8×1 (global)
Maximum tile size (pixels)8×? (no real limit) (global)
Plane count1
Plane arrangementLinear
Transparent pixels?Palette-based
Hitmap pixels?No
Supports sub-tilesets?No
Compressed tiles?No
Hidden data?No
Games (2bpp and 4bpp versions) (4bpp version) (4bpp version)

The earliest font used in the Sierra/Dynamix games is an 8-pixel wide font without individual font sizes, which stores a symbol range of 0x20 to 0x7F, leaving off all characters before the space. It comes in two varieties; a 2-bpp one and a 4-bpp one, but all existing fonts of these types seem to use only the lowest and highest values (0 and respectively 3 and 15) to paint their data, effectively making them act like 1-bpp fonts. The format doesn't have any kind of file header, but can be analysed based on the predictable data size.

The file size of a font of this type will always be divisible by bpp * 0x60, and the result of this division will be the font height.

The Westwood Font Editor handles both types as 1-bpp font, and uses the "lowest and highest values only" rule to determine if a file with a correct size is indeed a Dynamix v1 font file. It classifies the 2-bpp and 4-bpp versions as respectively "v1a" and "v1b".


The following tools are able to work with files in this format.

Name PlatformView images in this format? Convert/export to another file/format? Import from another file/format? Access hidden data? Edit metadata? Notes
Westwood Font Editor WindowsYesYesYesN/AN/A Created by Nyerguds