Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures/Cheats

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Full-Inventory Cheat

  • Hold down C, 0 (zero), and F10 to fill up your health, and bomb inventory.

Debug Cheats

Hold down Tab, F12, and Delete to activate debug mode. The following keys will then work:

  • F10 + G will activate God Mode. This means that Cosmo cannot be harmed by enemies or hazards. He can, however, die by falling off the bottom of the screen.
  • F10 + W will bring up a window where you can type in which level you would like to go to.
  • F10 + M will bring up a status window showing how much memory (in kB) is free, how much total memory is being used, how large the level is, and how many actors (Cosmo, enemies, objects, and obstacles) are in the level.
  • F10 + E + N + D will skip to the end-of-episode cutscenes.