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Press Backspace to call up a console. A few commands that can be entered from here include:

Command Effect
GO <#> Warp to level specified by number. Level 99 is special and cannot be warped to.
NEXT Immediately complete level and go to next in sequence.
CDPLAY <#> Play CD track specified by number.
CDSTOP Halt CD playback.
PLAY Counterintuitively, ends a game in session and returns to attract mode / demo playback.

Unsure if this can take a parameter.

RECORD Accepted as a command. Related to PLAY and STOP. According to assembler code there are some conditions should be met to allow record a current gameplay.
WEAPON Get all weapons and full ammo.
ARMOR Get full armor.
KEYS Get all the keys.
FULLMAP Toggle seeing the entire map on automap (returns to normal automap when shut off).
CHOJIN Toggle invulnerability mode
INVISIBLE Toggle invisibility mode
KILL Kill all monsters (does not gib).
REANIMATE Returns monsters to life in the spot where they died (even if the monster was gibbed).
RESPAWN <#> Set monster respawning mode with a specified number of seconds delay.

Monsters are revived in the place they died, gibbed monsters do not respawn. RESPAWN 0 turns respawning back off.

NEW Start a new game.
QUIT Instant quit to OS.
INFO Show tiny bit of information about current level.
3D Show 3D objects (on/off).
DT Show some debug info (fps?) in upper-right corner (on/off).
REVERSE Reverse left and right sound channels (on/off).
DEPTH <#> Level darkness depth (no default value, vary between levels, valid range from 0 till 1200 inclusive, call without parameter to see the current value).
SHADOWS <#> Set shadows count (default: 1, valid range from 0 till 7 inclusive, call without parameter to see the current value).
CLIST Show client list (example: "[1] Player").
KILLP <#> Kill player, where # is a number (zero based!) or player name (see command above).

Commands that worked in the "Entering Shadow Zone" demo, but, while they do not produce an invalid command message, do not appear to function in the full release:

Command Effect
FREEZE Toggle freeze mode. Monsters do not perform any actions, and though they can take damage, do not die until freeze mode is turned off.
SLOW Toggle slow mode. The entire game (including UI) runs in slow motion when this is on.