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This category contains all text patches for Bio Menace. Text patches are used to change in-game messages. See also interface patches.

Patch: Bio Menace 1 (freeware release v1.1)
#Main menu texts
%patch $2AFCF "NEW GAME" $00 %patch $2AFD8 "LOAD GAME" $00 %patch $2AFE2 "SAVE GAME" $00 %patch $2AFEC "CONFIGURE" $00 %patch $2B445 "RETURN TO DEMO" $00 %patch $2B436 "RETURN TO GAME" $00 %patch $2AFF6 "END GAME" $00 %patch $2AFFF "QUIT" $00
#New game texts
%patch $2AEDB "BEGIN EASY GAME" $00 %patch $2AEEB "BEGIN NORMAL GAME" $00 %patch $2AEFD "BEGIN HARD GAME" $00 %patch $2AF0D "PRACTICE A LEVEL (15 sec)" $00
#Load game/Save game texts
%patch $2B3B3 "Empty" $00 %patch $2B3A7 "Loading" $00 %patch $2B3DA "Saving" $00
#Lower menu texts
%patch $2B3E5 "Arrows move" $00 %patch $2B3FF "ESC to back out" $00 %patch $2B3F1 "Enter selects" $00 %patch $2B40F "ESC to quit" $00 %patch $2B3C3 "Enter accepts" $00 %patch $2B3B9 "Type name" $00
#Status window texts
%patch $20B20 "LOCATION" $00 %patch $20B30 "SCORE" $00 %patch $20B40 "EXTRA" $00 %patch $20B70 "LEVEL" $00 %patch $20B60 "SHARDS" $00 %patch $20BF0 "GEMS" $00 %patch $20BE0 "CLIPS" $00 %patch $29465 "ITEMS" $00
#Level name texts
%patch $29F84 "DownTown Metro" $00 %patch $29F93 "High Rise" $00 %patch $29F9D "City Park" $00 %patch $29FA7 "South Side" $00 %patch $29FB2 "Sewer" $00 %patch $29FB8 "Cave" $00 %patch $29FBD "Skull Man" $00 %patch $29FC7 "Elevator" $00 %patch $29FD0 "No Man's Land" $00 %patch $29FDE "Lab Entrance" $00 %patch $29FEB "Computer Core" $00 %patch $29FF9 "Mangle's Last Stand" $00 %patch $29458 "Secret Level" $00 %patch $2940B "Secret Level" $00
#Loading window texts
%patch $2A2F1 "Loading" $00 %patch $2B454 "Control Panel" $00

This patch inverts the color of the game difficulty's text box

Patch: Bio Menace 1, freeware release (v1.1)
#Difficulty has black background and white text
%patch $6011 $90

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