West Vortiville

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West Vortiville
West Vortiville.png
GameKeen 3
Level number3
LocationVorticon VI Vortiville Island
Dimensions69 x 47 tiles
Total points28400
Correct points22000
Total ammo4 x Pistol, 11 x Pistol ammo packs
Extra livesNone
Required?No (Yes if Valden Park is not completed)
Map of West Vortiville

West Vortiville is the third level (in the official numbering) in Keen 3. It is an optional level, located in the Vortiville Island, in the Upper Vortiville area.

On the outside, this level appears to be a house carved on the side of a hill, containing a bedroom, a couple of bathrooms, a dining room and a kitchen. It appears some kind of bachelor's house, with Vorticon Grunts living in it, and one Vorticon Woman to tend them. However, below the underground garage, there are some tunnels with a small training facility full of Vorticon Grunts, led by a VortiNinja.

This level contains an Ankh, useful to get past the VortiNinja.

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