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Due to the growing number of mods, and the fact that a lot of information is duplicated on this page and the mod pages themselves, it is proposed that this page be split into per-episode lists that are automatically generated from the infoboxes on each mod's page. Please see one of the new pages to see what this would look like:

Until all the mods are migrated to the new pages, the list below will remain available.

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To add a new mod to the new list, create a new page for it and put an infobox on it (just copy it from an existing mod's page and change it accordingly.)

This is an alphabetical list of all Keen: Vorticons mods, one-level mods and level packs ever made for Keen. It also includes some in-progress mods.

  • Dates format: year-month-day (the release date can be determined by looking at the latest date on the game files)
  • Please click on the triangles to sort by different categories. i.e. if you click first on "Modder(s)" then on "Mod of", you will get a list that is sorted by which game was modded, and further sorted by modder name. Refresh the page to reset all sort settings.
  • With a few exceptions, only the newest version of each mod or level pack is listed in the Download column; additional versions of mods or level packs may be found on their respective wiki pages.
  • ATTENTION: The downloads for Keen 2 and 3 mods will not include the Keen2 or Keen3 executable (they are still not free to distribute), you will need to put your own executable in the mod directory and unpack it with Unlzexe

Level Packs

Title Download(s) Release date Builder(s) Pack for # of levels Notes
A.R.'s Puzzle Levelpack full 1999-01-25 A.R. Keen 1 10 Better known as Unknown I's 1st Levelpack
adurdin's 1st Levelpack full 2000-12-21 adurdin Keen 2 1
Airefresco's Keen 2 Levelpack full 1999-07-10 Airefresco Keen 2 1
Aria AmirYar's Levelpack full 1999-11-22 Aria AmirYar Keen 1 16
BlueBounder's 1st Levelpack full 2002-06-01 BlueBounder Keen 3 1
Captainkeen's 1st Levelpack full 2014-01-05 Captainkeen Keen 1 16
CK Guy's 1st Levelpack full 2004-04-30 CK Guy Keen 3 1
Dagneilius's 1st Levelpack full 2003-07-06 Dagneilius Keen 3 1
Dark Side of Mars full 1999-11-22 MRC Marky Keen 1 8
Engine Room and First Level full 2003-03-17 Grelphy Keen 2 2
Flaose's Original Level Pack full 1999-01-18 Flaose Keen 1 2 Better known as Unknown II's 1st and 2nd levelpacks
Flyingmouse's Level Pack full 2013-03-15 Flaose Keen 3 21
The Freaking Vorticon full 2001-08-08 Pablo Dictter Keen 1 2
GARGapplesauce's CK1 Levelpack demo 2010-11-20 GARGapplesauce Keen 1 1 Discussion
IceKeen full 2013-02-21 KeenRush Keen 1 16
Jumping Practice full 1999-04-27 Justin Keen 1 1
Keen 2 Level Competition Level Pack full 2007-03-17 Keen Community Keen 2 16
Keen 3 Part 2 normal
2010-10-16 Dibodo Keen 3 16 Discussion
Keen XMas 2010 Levelpack full 2010-12-24 Tulip Keen 1 4 Discussion
Kuliwil's Level Pack full 2011-01-02 Kuliwil Keen 1 2 Discussion. "FAIL version" features FAIL.
Lego Levels full 2010-02-10 Keen Community Lego Keen 7 Discussion
Manboy's Keen 1 Levelpack full 2001-09-27 Manboy Keen 1 3
Mitchell's 1st Levelpack full 2001-02-18 Mitchell Keen 2 1
Mitchell's 2nd Levelpack full 2001-02-20 Mitchell Keen 1 1
Mitchell's 3rd Levelpack full 2001-03-10 Mitchell Keen 2 1
Peder Johnson's 1st Levelpack full 1999-02-08 Peder Johnson Keen 1 7
The Phantom Blob's 1st Levelpack full 2003-08-06 The Phantom Blob Keen 3 11
Psycho Keen full 1999-02-13 Adam Keen 1 16
Realms of Doom full 1999-04-25 Justin Keen 1 2
Return on Mars full 2001-09-29 Benoit Rouleau Keen 1 14
rrian's 1st Levelpack full 2001-06-09 rrian Keen 3 3
therealdopefish's 1st Levelpack full 1999-01-22 therealdopefish Keen 1 4
therealdopefish's 2nd Levelpack full 1999-02-10 therealdopefish Keen 1 16
Tom Bailey's 1st Levelpack full 1999-02-10 Tom Bailey Keen 1 7
Underground Level, Underground Base, and Vorticon full 2003-05-05 Grelphy Keen 3 3
Vorta Retra full 2001-01-02 Shockshund
et al.
Keen 3 16

Skin Mods

Title Download(s) Release date Skin's creator(s) Mod for Note(s)
Keen 1 CGA Version full 2004-03-14 Zorath Keen 1
Keen 1 Intergalactic Version full 2003-06-13 Zorath Keen 1 Replaces English with SGA and vice-versa
Keen 1 Military Mod full 2001-01-11 adurdin Keen 1 Play as a Vorticon
Keen 1 to 4 full 2003-01-20 Unfleexable Keen 1 Attempts to mimic Keen: Galaxy sprite
Keen 2 Intergalactic Version full 2003-06-13 Zorath Keen 2 Replaces English with SGA and vice-versa
Keen 2 Military Mod full 2001-01-11 adurdin Keen 2 Play as a Vorticon Elite
Keen 3 Intergalactic Version full 2003-06-13 Zorath Keen 3 Replaces English with SGA and vice-versa
Keen 3 Military Mod full 2001-01-11 adurdin Keen 3 Play as a VortiNinja
Mortimer McMire - Marooned on Mars full 2004-04-09 Quirky Moron Keen 1 Play Keen 1 as Mortimer
XkySkin full 2002-12-15 Manboy Keen 1 New Keen sprite based on doodles by Xky

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