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Hej, I'm D. Christensen, and I'm from Denmark
I'm A modder going by the Alias: Zilem
I've been modding Textures & Skins since Summer 2006. and sprites since 2011
and have made bunch of mods both PG-12 and AO Rated, for more then a handful of games (25).
While most my content being Textures, there is no small amount of them.

A few of the Games that i have Modded:
World of Warcraft: Character skins
Terraria: Player and NPC sprites
Stardew Valley: Character sprite with Skirt
Chasm: Female character sprite

Commander Keen Mods:

Commander Kylie - Goodbye Galaxy

Cdr. Kylie: Invasion of the Vorticons v1.2 - Play in Browser
Cdr. Kylie: Goodbye Galaxy v1.6 - Play in Browser
Kylie Dreams v1.0 - Play in Browser

Cdr. Kylie 7: "The Keys of Krodacia" *Requires: The Keys of Krodacia
Cdr. Kylie 8: "Dead in the Desert" *Requires: Dead in the Desert
Cdr. Kylie 9: "Battle of the Brains" *Requires: Battle of the Brains
Cdr. Kylie 9½: "The Eight Accumulators" *Requires: The Eight Accumulators
Cdr. Kylie in The Terror from Outer Space *Requires: Commander Keen - The Terror from Outer Space
Cdr. Kylie in Marooned on Mars *Requires: Marooned on Mars - Galaxy mod

Kylie © Zilem
Kylie @ PCKF

Bio Menace Mods:

Bio Menace: Jessica Viper v1.0

Jessica Viper © Zilem