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Hey, I'm Szemi (or a.k.a. Szemigi). I have been a member of the Public Commander Keen Forum since 2009. I started to meet various Keen mods in 2006, concretely Levellord's Keen 1-3 mods and later other people's work as well. In the Keen community, I'm the only active hungarian Keen modder + I'm the only hungarian Keen modder, who knows how to mod the entire Keen series (excluding the GBC version). I also translated the entire Keen series to my mother language, too. My first very first Keen mod, which is a Keen 2 mod, has been released as of 2009 summer that is called "The Grand Intellect: Fathership Revenge".

Released mods/levelpacks:

The Grand Intellect: Fathership Revenge 2009, Keen2

Super Mario Brothers 1 2010, Keen1

Commander Keen Xmas 2010 2011, Keen Dreams

The Grand Intelligence: Cybernetic Dream 2011, Keen1

The Pyramid of the Allowed -> Download 2012, Keen4 levelpack

The Grand Intelligence: The World is in trouble 2012, Keen2

The Grand Intelligence: Moment of the Justice 2013, Keen3

The Grand Intelligence IV: Intelligent Intellect 2013, Keen4

Keen 10: Mirror Menace 2014, Keen6

Commander Keen X Bio Menace 2016, Keen4

My mods