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Привет друзья. =3

My real-life name isn't actually StupidBunny...believe it or not. That I will keep secret for absolutely no reason. I am an avid fan of classic games, Commander Keen in particular, and in fact rarely play any game made after the mid-90s. I also love drawing and level design, and have made levels and mods for both Commander Keen and Doom. (I think that's it so far.) I could tell you much else about myself but, since this is a Keen Wiki, anything non-game-related really doesn't need to be said. :P

My $#!+ (Keen and others)

Game stuff

Commander Keen



  • Kill Elmo - I made this years ago...not sure what really needs to be said...

Pages and such

"Remember, my friends...future events such as these will affect you in the future." -The Amazing Criswell