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Finally back into modding after about four years... I'm probably better known (to a certain degree of "known") on the forums as Flyingmouse, but elsewhere I've switched to Flyingmouse51. Anyway, I'm primarily a Vorticons modder (less patching work, greater availability of pre-existing patches) with a very limited knowledge of patching aided along by brute-forcing code until I find something that works. I'm not sure I'll be doing much on the wiki itself, but I may be able to correct a thing every now and then.

CURRENTLY RELEASED: Keen 3 levelpack (I may go back and fix this some day, level design is broken in a few places)


Crystalline Night: Keen 1 mod that won't come out anytime soon

Re-Keen 5: Keen 5 pseudo-mod that reworks the graphics to work with Endesga's Soft 16-color palette plus a few bug fixes