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Ceilick is an active keener and one of the administrators of the Public Commander Keen Forum and the Keen:Modding forum. He has created a number of Keen Vorticons mods and is the mastermind behind the unofficial The Universe is Toast galaxy mod series. He has contributed significantly to projects such as Commander Keen Xmas 2010, Netkeen, and the new CK Newsletter.

Keen Vorticons Mods

The Invasion of the Yorps

In this series Commander Keen must stop the brainwashed Yorps from causing havoc across the galaxy!

Decree of the Skree

In this series Commander Keen must stop an evil threat which involves the Gargs, the Shikadi, and a new race known as the Skree!

The Adventures of the Oracle Janitor

In this comedic, one-level mod series the player plays as the Oracle Janitor on his hilarious missions to rescue Commander Keen from peril!

Standalone Episodes

  • The Perilous Pursuit is an out of this world chase in which Commander Keen pursues Mortimer across a mysterious planet! (2005)
  • Story Land is a fairy tail adventure in which Commander Keen must rescue a princess from the evil wizard Merlock. (2005)
  • Episode Z is a sequel to Episode X by Xky Rauh and Episode Y by Grelphy, an exciting interpretation of The Universe is Toast! (2009)

Keen Dreams Mods

  • Commander Keen Xmas 2010 features Commander Keen in a dream like quest to save Christmas from the evil Bad Elf! (2011) (Ceilick contributed with graphics, levels, story, and general organization as a team member with Levellass and Szemi.
  • Keen Dreams Plus is an enhanced version of Keen Dreams, telling the same story but featuring new enemies, levels, and more! (2011)

Keen Galaxy Mods

The Unofficial The Universe is Toast

In this cosmic trilogy Commander Keen battles his nemesis Mortimer McMire for the universe!

Other Projects

  • Netkeen is a fangame in which 2-4 players go head to head in stunning multiplayer action! (2011) (A project by Lemm in which Ceilick provided graphics (six new player sprites, modifications to original player sprites, and additional tiles), levels (about 75%), multi-episode support (organizing graphics and audio for each episode), and general assistance in testing and managing content.
  • The new CK Newsletter is a monthly newsletter featuring the Keen community's news, project updates, articles, tutorials, fan fiction, and fan art. (2011) (Ceilick co-manages the newsletter with Gridlock)

Articles and Tutorials