The Neural Stunner

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This article is about the modding utility. For the weapon, see Neural Stunner.
The Neural Stunner' version 0.2

The Neural Stunner is a patching utility written by Mink to facilitate creating patchfiles. Textpatches to change the ordering info or the finale for example can be automatically created by simply filling in a form. The Neural Stunner does support Keen 1-3 version 1.31 and Keen 4-6 version 1.4

Vorticons Features

In Vorticons you can easily mod the following things:

  • Menu items
  • Ordering Info and About ID texts
  • Status screen
  • Levelnumber
  • File names
  • Ship messages, in-level hints
  • End conditions for Keen 1
  • Sprite strengths and properties
  • Tantalus Cities
  • Mortimer dialogue

Galaxy Features

In Galaxy you can easily mod the following things:

  • Council Member and Lindsey messages
  • Level names, entry and end texts
  • Music
  • Filenames
  • Highscore entries
  • Scrolling Story text
  • Fuse messages
  • Cheats
  • Grappling Hook, Grabbiter, Sandwich and Rocket messages
  • Other common patches

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