The Mystery of Isis II

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The Mystery of Isis II
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Isis2 demo2.png
StatusIn development
Author(s)Geoff et al.
OSWindows, DOS
Release dateMarch 1, 2000 (demo 1)
March 26, 2001 (demo 2)
August 20, 2002 (demo 3)
January 13, 2012 (remake alpha v1.1a)
Secret levelsUnknown
DownloadRemake Alpha v1.1a
All three old demos

The Mystery of Isis II is a Keen fan-game made by the Isis II team, started in 1998. Three demos were released, but the project was officially stopped and abandoned in 2003 (the last demo was released in August 2002). The sourcecode, however, was released, but nobody has yet taken up the challenge of continuing work on it.

In November of 2010 Geoff, the original lead of the Isis II team, revealed that he has rewritten the original engine code and intends to make the game completely playable in the manner which the Isis II team had intended under the name Mystery of Isis IIa. As of now, a new demo has been released and several former members of the Isis II team have resurfaced to work on the project. The development can be followed here.

Technical Info

The original Isis II game features a 256-color, smooth-scrolling engine written in C, which used the Allegro library. Originally designed for building in DJGPP environment, and running in Protected 32-bit Mode DOS (DPMI), its source code was released soon after the project was stopped. The Isis II engine was originally by David Layne, AKA DML1001, with later modifications by Charles Byrd.

Isis-IIa is the next generation Isis-II game engine in development. It is written in PyGame, a set of modules allowing the use of Python scripting as an interface to the cross-platform SDL library. It is inspired by the original Worminator/Isis-II engine, but has been completely re-written from scratch.


In this fan-game, Keen has already turned 9 years old, the Universe has been finally saved from Mortimer McMire, but it is not stated what happened, probably not to interfere with the unknown The Universe Is Toast storyline, in the hope that id Software will someday make and release the game.

The story involves Commander Keen learning of a plot by the mysterious Isonians to conquer Earth and eliminate Commander Keen if he tries to stop them. Keen then travels to the planet Isis II in order to stop the Isonians before they can make their war on Earth.

First demo of Isis II.


This is a list of people who worked on the game, according to CKNexus:

  • DML
  • Geoff (AKA ckGeoff)
  • pLeitorian
  • Vertigo
  • Ben Cruz (AKA eK)- main artist
  • A.A.
  • Chris Hendricks (Ilsoap)
  • Corey
  • Tony Gies
  • Volte-Face
  • Snaily

Other known members include John Eubank, Charles Byrd, and MRC Marky.

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