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So, there is currently confusion about which version of KeenWave is actually the most up-to-date. I'm quoting Stew from the forums:

"I'm looking for the latest version of KeenWave to try and edit Keen Vorticons sounds.'s KeenWiki only has what appears to be the initial release of KeenWave on its site. Despite the filename saying it is version 1.11 from November 2014, it actually appears (due to the 2010-08-08 date of the EXE inside) to be the initial release of the program and does not have a KEENWAVE.DAT.
[...] I'm guessing KeenWiki is talking about the 2014 version but somehow there was an archiving error and they accidentally packaged the original version?"

@Levellass could you please comment on that / share the lastest version of KeenWave, so I can update the info of this page?