Spork III: Code of the Sporkia

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Gameplay screenshot of the Spork III demo.

Spork Trilogy Episode III: Code of the Sporkia is a fangame produced by Slasher with Click'n'Create. It has It is the finale following Spork 2. The game was never finished, and development has been abandoned since 2000-08-25. A two level demo of the game has been released. Compared to its predecessors this game features considerably more interactive story elements and npcs like Norp the Yorp and a robot bartender who dislikes humans.

The game mechanics are still similar to Spork 2, but a point item (some kind of floating disk) has been added that awards for 20 points.


The story is evolving during gameplay rather than being told before the game.

The first part of the story, heard before the first level goes like this:

Chapter 1: When we last left our hero, he had escaped from merciless, stainless steel clutches of the evil Galaxy Squad. Now that all distractions were out of the way, Keen was free to go to Kalorkian VII and stop the evil Sporkians from taking over the galaxy. But first, he needed a bite to eat. Looking on his interstellar map, our hero found a quaint little restaurant known as "Drink-A-Lot". Keen headed towards the restaurant, ready for some good eatin'.


These four types of monsters can be found in the demo of Spork III, all of them can be killed by one shot and are deadly to touch.

Purple Guy: This guy is found in the bar "Drink-a-lot".
Space Chicken: This is also a customer in the "Drink-a-lot" bar.
Giant Guinea Pig: This seems to be living in the Elevator shaft.
Green Spider: It crawls up and down on Elevator cords.


  • Level 1 Entering the Bar: funkii
  • Level 2 Elevator Shaft: pookster

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