Keen 4 Hazards

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This is a list of all the hazards in Keen 4. A hazard is something that damages Keen, but is not a creature.

Keen4 FloorSpike.png
Spikes — they will severely harm Keen if he gets to fall in one of these.
Keen4 KnifeShooter.png
Dart gun — automatic traps hidden in the Pyramids of Shadowlands, which shoot sharp poison darts at Keen, from floor, roof or walls. Keen will die if he is shot by one of those darts, or if he touches one of the guns.
Keen4 PoisonPool.png
Poison pools — huge poison traps found in some underground chambers in the Shadowlands; rumor has it they are made from the same poison the Slugs contain in their bodies.
Keen4 TarPit.png
Tar pits — these perilous pits can be found underground in some places, and in the surface of the Isle of Tar.
Keen4 Fire.png
Fire — blazing traps, found in some hideous places. They are extremely abundant in the Isle of Fire.
Keen4 Shovel.png
Spear — Piston-like spears, that come up from the floor or down from the ceilings. Their sharp edges kill Keen instantly. Found mainly in the pyramids and in caves.
Keen4 Thrusters1.png Keen4 Thrusters2.png
Thrusters — thrusters that hold some of the floating ledges in the levels. Their fire can kill Keen. Only found in Hillville, Miragia, and the Isle of Fire.
Keen4 Mine.png
Underwater mines — floating underwater bombs that explode on contact. They are only found in the Well of Wishes.