Shadowlands (Animated Series)

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Shadowlands is an animated cartoon series created by Ilsoap with Macromedia Flash (known as Adobe Flash today). It stars characters based on the various creatures seen in Goodbye Galaxy and is, as its name implies, set in the Shadowlands. It revolves around the war between the Licks and the Slugs.


The first and second episode were released by Ilsoap on Keen Day 2002 and 2003 respectively. Originally, he intended the series to consist of nine episodes in total. An "unofficial" third episode was made by Too Much Spare Time and released in August 2003. On Keen Day 2005, Ilsoap revealed the whole script of the third episode, since he would most likely not finish it.


Only episodes 1 and 2 and the "unofficial" episode were released. The titles of episodes 5-9 were never revealed and are only insinuated by question marks at the Shadowlands site.

  • Episode 1: Leggo My Yego
  • Episode 2: The War Is Afoot
  • Episode 3: Swim, Swim, Angry
  • Episode 4: Fire Fighters
  • Episode 5: ????????????
  • Episode 6: ????????
  • Episode 7: ?????? ?? ??? ??????
  • Episode 8: ????? ????????
  • Episode 9: ????????
  • "Unoffcial" Episode 3: King Lick, Crazy