Rhubarb Rapids

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Rhubarb Rapids
Rhubarb Rapids.png
GameKeen Dreams
Level number4
Collectibles3 x Boobus Bombs
Total points14,000
Total ammo19 x Flower Power
Extra livesNone
Map of Rhubarb Rapids

Rhubarb Rapids is the fourth level in Tuberia. Again, navigating the level requires Keen to jump onto logs and enter a fortified structure with many enemies present. Two Keys are available in the level. One is needed to obtain the Boobus Bombs and the other is needed to get access to the exit. Other than the Boobus Bombs, there really is not much of importance to obtain here except some random points. The creatures you will encounter in this level are an Asparagusto, the Squasher, the Tater Trooper, and a Tomatooth.