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This page contains historical information on the Public Commander Keen Forum. For the actual web-site, see the Public Commander Keen Forum (external website).

Public Commander Keen Forum logo

The Public Commander Keen Forum (PCKF) is currently the most active Keen community, thus it is often referred to as the Community. It is currently hosted by Fleexy in the domain.

The PCKF originated as an InsideTheWeb message board (originally message board 5517 later moving to message board 332957), founded by Geoff Sims. Most discussion was about the original seven Keen games, and anticipation about The Universe Is Toast. Some early level editing for Keen: Vorticons was discussed there too. The hub for the message board was Cerebral Cortex 314 (CC314), also founded by Geoff Sims.

About November 1999, InsideTheWeb was abandoned and Commander Keen discussion moved to a temporary home as a subforum of the Jazz Mega Message Board hosted by Jazz2City.

By March 2000, a new permanent home was found and the forum switched to EzBoard, which was more robust than InsideTheWeb and allowed for graphic updates and layout changes. Cho'gall has been paying for the Gold Membership since then, keeping the board ad-free.

The original administrators were Cho'gall and Thea Gregory, who was the CC314 owner back then. The moderators were Flaose and Snortimer.

As Keen fan-made games became more prominent, an Unofficial Keen Games section was created. It was originally PimentoCheez's fan-game development forum, but it was later merged into the PCKF.

Shortly after the first edition of ModKeen was released in 2002, the "Other Keen Stuff" sub-forum was flooded with modding questions, and Andrew Durdin decided to create the Keen: Modding forum on his own site.

In November 2007, the forum switched from its EzBoard hosting to phpBB, using Andrew Durdin's hosting space at, and site address, provided by Vitamin Zach before for redirecting to the old EzBoard-based forum.

In December 2016, the forum migrated from its phpBB 2 to phpBB 3.1 , using Fleexy's hosting space at, and site address.

The Public Commander Keen Forum attracts fans of the original Keen games, and provides a place for them to ask questions about secret areas, the Standard Galactic Alphabet and general Keen information. It also offers a gateway to the wealth of fan-games and mods which have accumulated over the years.

Interestingly enough, for a forum discussing a 25 year old series of games, a surprising number of newcomers regularly pass through asking for help to complete some part of the games, having only just discovered them for the first time.

A yearly custom among Keeners, mostly centered to the PCKF, is the celebration of Keen Day (3/14, 14th March). Different projects are often released on that day.


Miscellaneous Links

  • Outdated PCKF: the place where the forums used to be before December 2016.
  • Closed ezBoard/yuku forum: the place where the forums used to be before November 2007.
  • PCKF Archive: collection of archived PCKF topics from 2000-2005 that were deleted because of the ezBoard hack.