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Project Keen
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Project Keen is a Commander Keen 4-6 platform engine by DaVince. It is no longer in development.


Gameplay is aimed to play as much as possible as the original Keen 4-6 games. This means that the main person (Keen) will be able to walk, jump, use a pogo stick to jump higher, shoot and hang on ledges. The game will play like a classic platformer.

Current features

Anything not mentioned here is simply not implemented.

  • Walking and slope walking
  • Jumping and falling
  • Using the pogo stick
  • Collision detection (buggy)
  • Looking/waiting/misc animations


The controls of the engine in its current state are the same as that of the original games.

  • Keys left and right move Keen around the playfield.
  • Key down will make Keen duck. Quack.
  • Key up will make Keen look upwards.
  • Ctrl will make Keen jump. Jump height is dependant on how long the ctrl key was pressed.
  • Alt will activate/deactivate the pogo stick. Keen keeps on jumping low, but will blast into the air once you press ctrl during pogo mode.