Pogo Shrine

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Pogo Shrine
Pogo Shrine.png
GameKeen 1
Level number5
LocationLight Side of Mars
Pogo stick.png
Pogo stick
Dimensions24 x 37 tiles
Total points5000
Total ammoNone
Extra livesNone
Map of the Pogo Shrine

The Pogo Shrine is one of the shrine-levels in Keen 1. It is one of the few levels in the game with an official name[1]. This is the level where Keen first obtains his trademark Pogo stick.

"Behold the holy pogo stick"

There is a sign above the pogo stick, which reads (in Standard Galactic Alphabet): Behold the holy "POGO" stick.

Above the pogo platform, there is a secret area with fire, a garg, and a teddy bear. This can be accessed by pogoing up a set of hidden bricks on the right of the level.

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