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This page deals with patches relating to loading, saving and saved games in Keen Dreams. For saved game filenames see Patch:Files and filenames. Related patches can be found at Patch:Main menu. This page does include patches relating to loading games.

In Dreams, games can be saved anywhere at any time. They are saved to a file SAVEGMx.KDR and store the entire contents of the level memory including all sprite positions and actions. This allows for 'save scumming' where a random or dangerous situation is replayed over and over from a loaded game until maximum success occurs.

Save\Load game menu

Patches relating to the savegame menu can be found in a section of the main menu page. These patches include the number of save slots, images used and their positions.

Loading window

This window appears when the player selects a game to load. It appears over the menu before the screen clears and the level displays. It contains a single line of text composed of three parts, the 'Loading' text, the saved game name and an ending apostrophe. (Interestingly the first apostrophe is a different font character.)

Patch: Keen Dreams
#Loading game window
%patch $158C9 $0003W
#Window height
%patch $158CD $001EW
#Window width
%patch $158D8 $5BB3W
%patch $158FA $5BBDW
#ending apostrophe
%patch $29623 "Loading `" $00 %patch $2962D "'" $00