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This page contains patches that relate to the map in Keen 5, that is, things that can only be done on the map. See also Patch:Keen on map (Galaxy).

What level is the map

These patches alter what level the map is. There are several aspects to this which potentially allows multiple map levels.

Level game starts in

This patch causes the player to start the game in a different level than the map. (Level 0) The values of the level variable given here will start the game in the default High Scores level.

There is one minor side effect to this patch; the high word of the Extra Keen At score is not set to 0. What this means is that the game cannot start with an Extra Keen At score of more than 65'000 or so without a slightly more complicated patch being used.

Patch: Keen 5
#Keen starts game in the BWB
%patch $5C8F $6F68W $000FW

No flags\signs on map

In Keen 5 the flags or 'K signs' appear on a level's holder when that level is successfully beaten. The patch given here makes it so nothing is spawned when levels are first completed.

Patch: Keen 6: No flipping flags
#No flags - Keen 5
%patch $60EA $EB $11