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LOADSCN.EXE is a program that comes with Keen Dreams that is required by default to exit the game in the patchable version. LOADSCN.EXE decompresses the ENDSCN.SCN chunk in LAST.SHLIt is possible to delete this file since it is run only at the very end of the game when the player exits. This will result in the display of an error message instead of the game's end screen.


When the game is exited is passes two filenames on to another program. The names of these two files plus that of the executable is stored in the game. By default LOADSCN.EXE extracts and displays ENDSCN.SCN from the file LAST.SHL

Patch: Keen Dreams
#File to open
%patch $3A0F $01B4W
#Text called from
%patch $23C1B "LAST.SHL" $00
#Chunk to display from file
%patch $3A14 $01B4W
#Text called from
%patch $23C24 "ENDSCN.SCN" $00
#Program run when game ends
%patch $3A20 $01BFW
#Text called from
%patch $23C2F "LOADSCN.EXE" $00

LOADSCN.EXE error text

This text is displayed when the game cannot find the program it is looking for.

Patch: Keen Dreams
#LOADSCN.EXE error text
%patch $3A31 $01CBW
#Text called from
%patch $23C3B "Couldn't find executable LOADSCN.EXE." $0A $00


This patch skips looking for LOADSCN.EXE entirely.T he game will always exit with an error message, in this case one about technical support.

Patch: Keen Dreams
%patch $39C2 $90 $90 %patch $39C7 $90 $90

Ignore LOADSCN.EXE and never display error message

This patch is the same as the above except the technical support error message is not displayed. This also affects other times the game crashes; no error messages will display, the game will simply exit to DOS. It frees space from $39CE-$3A3C.

Patch: Keen Dreams
#Ignore LOADSCN.EXE, never display error message
%patch $39C0 $B8 $0001W $50 $9A $000004CARL $44 $44 $5E $5D $CB