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This page contains patches that cover Keen being stunned in the galaxy games. This is limited to Keen 6 by default.

See also Patch:Keen stunned (Vorticons) for stunning in other games.

Stunning patches

This section deals with patches that relate to Keen being stunned and under what circumstances.

Keen can stun himself with his own shots

This patch restores the intended functionality to Keen 6, allowing the player to stun themselves with their own shots if they stand against a wall (Or enemy) and shoot. This however causes Flect reflected shots to be harmless.

#Keen can stun himself with his own shots
%patch $BE78 $01 %patch $BF1F $83 $7C $1E $64 $75 $27 $83 $7C $10 $00 $75 $21 $B8 $1868W $50 $57 $9A $08F41297RL $83 $C4 $04 $90 $90 $90

Sprite patches

This section deals with patching the properties of stunned Keen himself.

Sprite Actions

Keen can be stunned by Blooguards and by his own shots. When stunned he sits for some time before returning to standing.

$089AW #Keen stand
$1868W #Keen stunned

#Keen stunned by his own shot
%patch $BF2F $1868W
#Keen stunned by his own shot
%patch $109E9 $1868W
#Keen recovers
%patch $325B4 $089AW

Sprite Behavior

When stunned Keen uses a generic 'stunned sprite' behavior which lets him fall to the ground.

$08F41765RL #Stunned sprite

#Keen stunned
%patch $325A8 $08F41765RL

Speed and Jump Height

Stunned Keen has no intrinsic motion, his falling is controlled by a general behavior code.

#Stunned Keen
%patch $325A4 $0000W $0000W

Sprite Collision

Stunned Keen uses the same generic sprite collision he uses in most of his actions such as standing.

#Stunned Keen
%patch $325AC $0AA2144ARL


Stunned Keen uses animation 85 for both directions Keen can face. The aniamtion speed controls how long Keen remains stunned for.

#Keen stunned
%patch $32598 $0055W $0055W %patch $325A2 $003CW
#Stunned time

Sprite-tile interaction

Stunned Keen uses a generic tile collision that does very little, allowing him to simply fall to the ground.

#Stunned Keen
%patch $325B0 $0AA2197CRL

Action type

When stunned Keen uses action type 0, just sitting there until his stunned time runs out.

#Keen stunned
%patch $3259C $0000W

Deprotect and stick to ground

Stunned Keen uses the 'stick to ground' variable so he can fall to and be pushed around the ground and slopes.

#Keen stunned
%patch $3259E $0000W $0001W