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This page contains patches that cover Keen shooting and his firing rate, as well as his shots. Some patches will overlap other game actions, such as patches relating to Keen shooting on a pole. Keen can shoot two different kinds of projectiles depending on what level(s) he's in; Flower Power or Boobus Bombs, but these projectiles and patches relating to hem are covered on Keen's shot page.

Don't lose a shot when shooting

This patch prevents Keen from losing a Boobus Bomb or Flower Power when he shoots. Both patches are independent and can be used seperately.

Patch: Keen Dreams
#When shooting Keen doesn't lose a...
%patch $639D $EB $2C
#...Boobus Bomb
%patch $63C7 $EB $02
#...Flower Power

What levels Keen can fire Boobus Bombs in

By default Keen can only fire Bombs or Flower Power, not both at the same time. There are two aspects to this, what counter is used to determine if Keen can shoot, and what sprite is produced, Flower Power or Bomb. (It is thus possible to let Keen shoot Boobus Bombs using Flower Power he has collected.)

By default the deciding factor is which level Keen is in; in the boss level, 15, he will shoot Boobus Bombs. If this is changed then it is possible for Keen to shoot both Flower Power and Bombs in the same level depending on circumstance.

Patch: Keen Dreams
#What levels Keen fires Boobus Bombs in instead of Flower Power
%patch $6378 $8F3EW $0F $75
#Use bomb counter
%patch $6461 $8F3EW $0F $74
#Make bomb

Stop Keen shooting

These patches stops Keen throwing Flower Power under certain circumstances.

Patch: Keen Dreams
#Stop Keen throwing Flower Power...
%patch $6D29 $1130W
%patch $71B0 $152CW
#Upwards while jumping
%patch $7275 $11A8W
#Upwards on a pole


Keen has four distinct shooting related sounds. The first is when he has no Flower Power to shoot, the second is played when he throws a Flower Power. The third is used when he has no Boobus Bombs to shoot and the fourth when shooting Boobus Bombs. All four sounds can be blocked.

Patch: Keen Dreams
%patch $6385 $0E
#No Boobus Bombs sound
%patch $6393 $14
#Throw Boobus Bombs sound
%patch $63AF $0E
#No Flower Power sound
%patch $63BD $04
#Throw Flower Power sound

Patch: Keen Dreams
#Don't play sounds
%patch $6384 $EB $09
#Don't play No Boobus Bombs sound
%patch $6392 $EB $09
#Don't play Throw Boobus Bombs sound
%patch $63AE $EB $09
#Don't play No Flower Power sound
%patch $63BC $EB $09
#Don't play Throw Flower Power sound