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This page deals with patches relating to Keen standing on Platforms. In most games Keen can stand on certain sprites as if they were solid ground, however in Keen 5 there is a special action for when Keen is standing on Platform type sprites. Most of the patches on this page relate to this special case.

Keen's ability to stand on platforms is controlled by his sprite collision and is thus covered on the various Keen pages for each episode. This page deals only with the special case in Keen 5.

Sprite actions

The 'Keen on Platforms' action is but a single action. It loops to itself so Keen will continue in that action once he has started. The action responds to the usual keypresses so that Keen can stop standing on Platforms in the same way he can stop standing still.

There are two checks that transform a standing Keen into a Platform standing Keen; the first is part of Keen's 'stand on ground' code, the second part of his 'stand still' code. In both cases once it is detected that Keen is in contact with a Platform the game will check to see if he is already using the special action, and if not will transform him.

$08A6W #Keen on platforms

Patch: Keen 5
#Keen on ground
%patch $AE2B $08A6W
#If not this...
%patch $AE32 $08A6W
#...become this
#Keen still
%patch $AF6D $08A6W
#If not this...
%patch $AF74 $08A6W
#...become this
#Stand on Platforms loop
%patch $30C02 $08A6W

Keen doesn't use the special action

This patch overrides both checks meaning that while Keen can stand on Platforms as if they were solid ground, he does not use the special action and animation.

Patch: Keen 5
#Keen doesn't use special 'stand on Platforms' action
%patch $AE2D $EB %patch $AF6F $EB