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This page deals with patches involving the High Scores in Keen Dreams and any messages related to them or acquiring them. Related patches are Patch:Main menu and Patch:Game over. Patches involving Keen's score itself can be found in Patch:Score.

Keen encounters the scores in two different situations; firstly in the 'demo loop' displayed when the game is first started. (Also including the title screen.) and secondly when he experiences a Game Over and can possibly enter a new high score. These two situations are actually two different screens that share code.


This patch disables the High Score table. The first line disables the table itself, preventing it appearing at all. The second line only disables entering a new high score or seeing the table at Game Over. Using only the second line allows the High Score table to be used in the title sequence, possibly as a message to players.

Patch: Disable High Scores
#Disable High Scores
%patch $16920 $CB
%patch $16B40 $CB
#Entering new score

No High Scores in title sequence

This patch removes the High Score table in the title sequence only. While the palyer can enter a new high score and see the table at a Game Over they will not see the table when first starting the game and waiting.

Patch: No High Scores in title sequence
#No High scores in title sequence
%patch $4475 $EB $09

Default High Score names and scores

By default there are ten scores whose data is stored in the executable and extracted if no configuration file can be found. By default each has no name, a 20'000 score and no levels done. Names can be up to twenty characters long. Score entries are actually 64 characters total but for simplicity the game just dumps a chunk of memory into the config file instead of maximizing efficiency.

Patch: Default High Scores\Names
#Default High Score data
%patch $28190 "High Score 1" $00 %patch $281CA $00002710L %patch $281CE $0000W %patch $281D0 "High Score 2" $00 %patch $2820A $00002710L %patch $2820E $0000W %patch $28210 "High Score 3" $00 %patch $2824A $00002710L %patch $2824E $0000W %patch $28250 "High Score 4" $00 %patch $2828A $00002710L %patch $2828E $0000W %patch $28290 "High Score 5" $00 %patch $282CA $00002710L %patch $282CE $0000W %patch $282D0 "High Score 6" $00 %patch $2830A $00002710L %patch $2830E $0000W %patch $28310 "High Score 7" $00 %patch $2834A $00002710L %patch $2834E $0000W %patch $28350 "High Score 8" $00 %patch $2838A $00002710L %patch $2838E $0000W %patch $28390 "High Score 9" $00 %patch $283CA $00002710L %patch $283CE $0000W %patch $283D0 "High Score 10" $00 %patch $2840A $00002710L %patch $2840E $0000W

High Score texts

There are three pieces of text used in the Keen Dreams High Score screen. Notice the last line moves the text down three lines.

Patch: High Score texts
#Name text called from
%patch $16946 $5C75W %patch $296E5 " Name" $00
#Score text called from
%patch $16959 $5C7BW %patch $296EB "Score" $00
#Done text called from
%patch $1696C $5C81W %patch $296F1 "Done" $0A $0A $00

Time score table is visible

These patches control how long the High Scores table is visible before the title screen appears. There are two different situations, Game Over and title sequence, with different times.

Patch: High Score display time
#High Scores display time
%patch $16C32 $015EW
#Game Over table
%patch $4484 $01A4W
#Titlescreen table

High Score screen color

The High scores are displayed on a blue background by default. This is done by drawing a blue square 320x200 in size over the previous screen. There are two situations this occurs in, the demo loop and Game Over sequences. The color by default is $01, dark blue.

Making the square smaller will leave parts of the previous screen visible under the High Scores table.

Patch: High Score background color
#Titlescreen High Scores screen background
%patch $445E $0001W
%patch $4462 $00C8W
#Vertical size
%patch $4466 $0140W
#Horizontal size
#Game Over High Score screen background
%patch $16C0E $0001W
%patch $16C12 $00C8W
#Vertical size
%patch $16C16 $0140W
#Horizontal size

High Scores appear over Titlescreen\levels

This patch prevents the High Scores recoloring the screen so that the High Score table appears over the previous screen. For the title sequence this is the title screen, for the Game over sequence this is the level Keen was in (Including the ending sequence text windows.)

Patch: High Scores appear over Titlescreen\levels
#High Scores appear over title screen
%patch $445D $EB $16
#High Scores appear over game screen
%patch $16C0D $EB $16

Go to main menu after High Score table displays

This patch causes the game to go to the main menu after the high scores are displayed, even if the player doesn't press a key.

Patch: Go to main menu after High Score table displays
#Go to main menu after High Score table displays
%patch $4492 $EB